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Kigoos Summer 2021 Registration Info

Posted by Kigoos Swim Club at Apr 2, 2021 8:32AM PDT

Kudos to Coaches Mike, Lucy, Gabe, Lucas, and Sophia for a fabulous Tsunami Season! Thank you to our families for their understanding and patience as we navigated through multiple PHO updates and maintaining our high standard of health and safety protocols.

We are now happy to launch our Summer 2021 Season Registration!

At this time, we do not have a confirmed pool schedule from the City of Richmond. Our goal is to offer a season similar to our modified 2020 Summer schedule. Swimmers will practice between 2-3 times per week from May 1st to July 31st. Registration Fee: $325 per swimmer.

Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions we will not be able to offer a Junior Development or Tater Tot program. All swimmers must be able to STRONGLY swim 25 meters unaided.

In order for the club and coaches to properly plan for our upcoming season, we are asking for a general group registration process. After registration is complete, coaches will determine training groups and times.

Please note, all registration fees are non-refundable after the beginning of our Summer season. No refunds will be issued for cancellations due to the pandemic.

Please use the following link to register for Summer 2021 season.

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Tsunami 2021 - A message from Coach Mike

Posted by Kigoos Swim Club at Jan 23, 2021 11:43AM PST

Welcome back Kigoos!

The coaching staff and I are super excited to get Tsunami Part 2 started! Seeing all the swimmers with motivated, enthusiastic faces was great after a well-deserved break. I also want to extend a warm welcome to all our new swimmers joining us this season. Tsunami Part2 will build on what we were working on in Part 1 – preparing for the BCSSA summer season! We may not know if there will be a ‘normal’ season but the Kigoos will be ready for it nonetheless. If and hopefully when the ‘flood gates open’ the Kigoos will make a statement that we are ready to get off the blocks again and compete to the best of our abilities despite the challenges the world has faced. Let’s continue to meet these challenges with poise, determination, and passion for our community. I hope that this part of Tsunami offers a distraction again from the COVID-19 pandemic and other issues we might collectively face.

The coaches are ready to guide swimmers through the protocols and routines that worked from Part 1 of Tsunami. Additionally, the coaches will continue to focus on technique and fitness. We will soon begin to start transitioning into speed and race focuses work to spark excitement for the summer season. As time inches closer to the summer, my number one philosophy grows more important for swimmers to follow: If you put 100% in; you’ll get 100% out. Change and hard work only comes if you are adaptable, accountable, and commit 100% to a goal. The coaches are here to help swimmers get to their goals, but it is the swimmer that has to develop a goal to follow. With a goal in mind, swimmers can personalise their practices and come to practice with a purpose.

Let’s keep swimming against the current!
Coach Mike JS

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UPDATE: Return to Swim Plan 2021

Posted by Kigoos Swim Club at Jan 19, 2021 7:58AM PST

Please read our Return to Swim Plan for our Tsunami 2021 Season.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the plan, please contact Richard Buckley at

The document Kigoos_Return_to_Swim_Watermania_Jan_2021.pdf was attached to this post.

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Tsunami 2021 Training Groups

Posted by Kigoos Swim Club at Jan 16, 2021 1:10PM PST

Please see the UPDATED Group list. We have had a few new swimmers added and have updated a few group assignments. Please ensure you have checked your group and start time for today.

As a reminder, swim times were adjusted from last season. Please ensure you are showing up on time for your practice time. Today’s schedule is as follows:

3:45-5:00pm: Intermediate 1 /Intermediate 2
4:45-5:50pm: Junior 1 / Junior 2
5:45-7:00pm: Senior 2
6:45-8:00pm: Senior 1

3:45-4:50pm: Junior 1/ Junior 2
4:45-6:00pm: Intermediate 1/ Intermediate2
5:45-7:00pm: Senior 1
6:45-8:00pm: Senior 2

We thank you in advance for adhering to our very important health and safety protocols:

  • Swimmers are reminded to complete the BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool before attending EACH practice. It is imperative that if you are feeling unwell to stay home!
  • Swimmers must be dropped off/picked up in the parking lots or drop off zone. Parents must NOT exit their vehicles.
  • Swimmers must maintain proper 2m physical distance (even within family members) at ALL times. This includes during dry land activation, lining up to enter the pool, and walking within Watermania.
  • Each swimmer is required to bring a labelled ziplock bag to keep their mask in. Masks must be worn up until pool entry and again when exiting the pool area, until clear of the building.

Swimmer are reminded to bring their water bottles and individual swimming equipment (kickboards, bouys, etc). Families requesting rental equipment must bring their deposit cheque in an envelope to Coach Mike today.

See you at the pool!

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UPDATE: Swimmer Drop off/Pick Up

Posted by Kigoos Swim Club at Nov 20, 2020 11:26AM PST ( 0 Comments )

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding with our updates to our health and safety protocols.

The City of Richmond and Translink has requested that parents adhere to the DROP OFF ONLY zone in front of Watermania. We have had several complaints that parents and swimmers are waiting in their cars and/or double parking blocking the flow of traffic around the drop off zone.

Please note the new regulations:

1. Parents arrive 45 minutes past the hour to allow safe coordinated dryland and pool entry entry. Swimmers walk to the front doors of Watermania at xx:50.

2. Parents drop off and pick up ONLY in the blue circle to safely control social distanced pedestrian flow and also allow bus traffic around the island.

The parking area marked with the “X” is closed. We have made a request for the city to re-open this lot; however, it continues to be closed at this time.