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Coach Mike's Corner

Posted by Kigoos Swim Club at Jun 4, 2021 2:41PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Hello Kigoos’ Family!
We made it past the May and we did it in style. All groups worked really hard, focused on improving their swimming, accept for the master swimmers… they need to pick it up, I’M JOKING OF COURSE.

During the final week of May, every group swam a time trial and I got to say, we have some pretty fast swimmers in the club. Swimmers, keep up the great work, improvements will come and please view your times as a benchmark for future time trials so you can keep track of your progress. Your times will be compared to other Fraser South swimmers to see how you \rank against swimmers in other clubs within our BCSSA region.

What’s going on in June and July?
Going into June Seniors and Intermediates swimmers will be partaking in the Kigoos Swim League. The foundation of this league is going against convention, proving people wrong and saying why not to any challenge. This league is constructed to facilitate a fun competitive environment that combats the obstacles COVID-19 has placed in front of the sporting world. The KSL starts June first and ends July 31st with the Playoffs. So, there is a lot of time to sharpen your racing skills and put your hard hats because we are getting to work. The intermediate coaches and I have assigned our swimmers to teams where they will compete for the KSL cup! The teams are: Cobra Koi, Olympic Orcas, Record Breakers, Power Houses, Team Zero, and the Kiwis (the bird not the fruit). Teams and individual swimmers ought to develop a goal to strive for, because that’s when real progress starts. I wish all the teams the best of luck for the KSL season. Who’s going to be the champs? That is up to you.

Juniors, don’t worry! The Jr coaches have something special planned for you which they will announce shortly.

For the Senior Groups:
Seniors, we did a great job this month reviewing and building on what we learnt in Tsunami. I’m excited to continue working and improving on the progress that has already been made. I love how we support each other in the water during hard sets so I want us to keep that up! Where we all need to be better is bringing the right equipment, like running shoes to dryland and water bottles to practice. In the pool where we can improve on is remembering the little things, like always doing flip turns for free and back, remembering touch turns are knee driven, working on your breakouts by doing more underwater kicks rather than just popping up, finishing on our side or fully extended for the appropriate strokes, and focusing on other technical feedback I have given. Having a higher level of concentration on the little things is what will help you improve the most. I encourage swimmers to ask me to watch them so I can give them the best feedback I can. Keep up the great work guys!

In June we will have 2 time trials.
SRA: June 23rd, and 31st | SRB: June 24th, and 28th

Let’s keep swimming against the current!
Coach Mike

June 2021 Swim Schedule

Posted by Kigoos Swim Club at May 30, 2021 9:28AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

June 2021 Swim Schedule

Welcome Intermediate A

Posted by Kigoos Swim Club at May 17, 2021 10:24AM PDT

Hello Intermediate A group and your families.

My name is coach Nikol. I will be your coach for this 2021 summer swim season. I swam with this club growing up, and began to coach while I was in highschool. I am currently a university student at UBC and I am excited to be back as a coach for my 4th season with the Richmond Kigoos.

I am excited to report that we have now finished our second week back at the Steveston pool. The attendance and dedication to each and every practice throughout these first two weeks has been outstanding. The first week back to swimming we took the season by storm and began with a butterfly technique focused week. This week pushed the swimmer outside of their comfort zone both through fitness and through various new technical practices that improved our collective fly in the span of only a week. BIG CONGRATULATIONS! During the second week we moved into the collective technical focus of freestyle and backstroke spear positions and extension, which we will be continuing for the next week.

At the end of the month of May (and multiple times throughout the months of June and July) we will be doing time trials where times will be taken of the swimmer swimming their choice of 4 events and they will be compared in a google sheet with the rest of the fraser south region’s summer swim clubs. This is simply a way to get the swimmers looking forward and working towards a goal in the pool. As well as, this is a fantastic way to take the “swim meet life” that many of us had in the summers and make it virtual as we have with most things this COVID year. I am excited beyond words to coach this fantastic group and to take them outside of their comfort zone and push them to their highest potentials.

Every few weeks I will be posting a blog post reflecting the goals of the last few weeks and some significant reminders for parents and swimmers.

I hope to see you on the pool deck (swimmers) and I am always a quick email away

Coach Nikol

Intermediate B

Posted by Kigoos Swim Club at May 11, 2021 9:08AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Hi Parents and Intermediate Bs!

First things first, I want to congratulate your children for exceeding all expectations I had. I am very excited to coach and develop your young swimmers, competitive season or not. During our first week, we worked on the more fine details of our freestyle. From the body position to the pull and how to apply those techniques while going a race pace. Everyone really put a lot of effort in and showed me they were ready to work. To those who were at practice on May 8th, I didn’t forget your prizes :)

For this week, we will be focusing on Breaststroke. Love it or hate it we will be diving into ways to strengthen the technique and the underwater pullouts. Just a reminder to a water bottle and good dryland shoes for practices.

If there are any questions or concerns please feel free to send me an email:

-Coach Lucas

Welcome Junior B

Posted by Kigoos Swim Club at May 11, 2021 8:36AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Hey Juniors Bs!

For those who haven’t met me, My name is Sophia or Coach Soph as the swimmers call me. This is my seventh season with the Kigoos and my second summer coaching. I’m beyond excited to be working with the Junior B group this season, this was the first group I ever swam with when it comes to Kigoos, and it truly holds a special place in my heart.

Things look a little different this year with covid and all the new procedures we have implemented at the pool, but with such an eager and fast adapting group of kids, we have had no problems whatsoever. My overall goals for this season are to improve proficiency and technique with all our swimming skills, work on our fitness and endurance, gain confidence in the water, make some friends, and most importantly, have fun.

The first week of practice went by fast, and I’m thrilled to be working with such a positive and motivated group of junior swimmers. Our focus this past week was just getting back into the pool; we reviewed freestyle, underwaters, dolphin kick, backstroke and even did a butterfly practice this morning. I do hope to improve speed this summer, but my number one focus is the fundamentals as they are the most essential aspects of enhancing success in later years of swimming.

I’m very impressed by what I’ve seen of our group’s skill level so far and see so much potential in each and every swimmer. We want to make as much progress and possible this summer, so please try your best to attend as many practices as you can. I’m so excited for what this summer has in store and hope all of you are to see you on the pool deck

Coach Soph