JD and Junior One Month Update

Hey Kigoos!

As we have wrapped up our first month back at the pool I have a few updates for the season to come. Our Junior Red group has progressed through technique-based weeks for all 4 of our strokes and a 5th week working on IM. We will now be moving on to dynamic weeks filled with progressive skill work using different equipment to aid us in our practices. Weeks may be focused on endurance, or on speed-changing factors, underwater work, or technical aspects of the dives and turns. I also encourage everyone to attend meets as they are a way to determine personal goals for swimmers and display what they have worked so hard to master each week in the pool. Some important notes are water bottles need to be on the pool deck for each swimmer, during each practice. As well as running shoes are not an option, each swimmer must show up to dryland with runners.

Moving onto JD groups and meets. This goes for Junior groups as well as JD groups, everyone is welcome to attend Junior Development meets on Wednesdays. Our first one will be the WRASA JD Meet in Whiterock on the 15th of June. These meets are calmer and a great way for younger swimmers to get comfortable in the racing environment. There are a lot more shorter-length options for races. If your child is anxious about racing, using the blocks etc. please consider attending one of these smaller meets and let their coach know.

I look forward to seeing everyone on the pool deck!

Nikol Rybolov

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