JD and JR Red Coaches' Corner Assistant Coach Nikol

Hi JD/Junior parents and swimmers,

My name is Nikol Rybolov and I am the Kigoos coach for the Junior Red group, the Coordinator for the JD program and the assistant head coach for the 2022 swim season. A little bit about me before I get into the technical aspects of the swim season this summer. I am a third-year UBC student studying Psychology and aiming to go to medical school to become a Psychiatrist post-graduation. I have swam with Kigoos for 9 years. I have volunteered and coached with the club for a total of 5 years. I am also certified with Swimming Canada as a competitive level 1 swim coach. My family and I got a puppy over COVID so he is my lil fun fact!

As the JD coordinator… I will be on the pool deck for close to all of the practices both observing the children in the water to ensure safety as well as making sure that the hour in pool is running smoothly. With any questions regarding the JD program please email them to me or come see me on the pool deck. Meets will be starting later on in the season and they will be held on Wednesdays afternoons (more information to come closer to the start day).

As one of the two Assistant Head Coaches… I am able to help with close to all questions that parents may have or concerns that may arise. I oversee the JD and Junior sections of the club so please email me or come talk to me in person about any topics that involve those two sections of Kigoos (as well as during meets).

As for Junior Red… This is the group that I am coaching this season and have had the pleasure to work with for this first week back. We finished our freestyle week this first week back and will be moving onto a more backstroke-focused week. The plan for the 4 week’s preparation for the Icebreaker meet is to revise and reanalyze the 4 main strokes that we swim (free, back, breast and fly) and we will be doing that by week). That is to not say that we will not touch on other strokes during a specific week, that just means that the goal and focus of the week are to strengthen one stroke. After our Icebreaker meet, we will discontinue the stroke-based weeks and begin all-around training from day to day. I will be sure to keep posting updates and if you have any questions or concerns please email me!

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