Senior Red First Week

Hi parents and swimmers in Senior Red! If you haven’t met me yet my name is Nick Lee, and this will be my first summer coaching with the Kigoos and I am very excited to be working with the red group this summer! I come from a background of primarily winter swimming with the Hyack Swim Club and now coach for the Vancouver Pacific Swim Club, while doing my undergraduate studies in English at UBC. This first week has been mostly getting back into shape and trying to build our endurance back up after a year of not training too much as well as time for me to meet people and learn the names of swimmers and how they swim. As the weeks come by, I plan on working the group hard this summer as these are the Seniors of the club and I hope to set a precedence of excellence while having fun and enjoying this summer training and competing with the group! My final goal for the end of the summer is to have the entire group qualify and attend Provincials, as well as hit their personal goals for the season. I have given most of the swimmers a goal sheet to fill out and hand back to me so I can gauge what their goals are as well as learn about what type of swimmers they are and more importantly, who they are as individuals. Please ensure that the swimmers get these sheets back to me ASAP, and I look forward to working with the group this summer as well as familiarizing myself with the entirety of the club!


Nick Lee

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