JR A - May 26 Update

Junior A’s! We have had a great third week thanks to everyone showing up to practices with a positive attitude, enthusiasm and their running shoes! Despite our missed practice last Saturday, we were still able to work on some new skills and I have already
seen major improvements! This past week we focused on our butterfly, breastroke, pullouts, breakouts, touch turns and worked on our dive progressions.

Next week, I hope to work more on speed and endurance as well as practice
some more dives off the blocks. Our first time trial will be approaching this Saturday the 29th! This is a great opportunity to monitor your progress and development as swimmers! In saying this, please make an effort to attend all the time trials this year.
I can’t wait to see everyone throw down some speedy times!

Lastly, I wanted to congratulate our two swimmers of the week for the last
two weeks. Congrats to Alison and Adam! Allison is a very conscientious swimmer, she always has a positive attitude, and doesn’t hesitate to ask questions in order to improve! Adam has shown excellent work ethic and is always up for any challenge I throw his
way! Congrats to these two swimmers! I can’t wait to congratulate our next week’s swimmers! See you all next practice :)


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