Welcome Intermediate A

Hello Intermediate A group and your families.

My name is coach Nikol. I will be your coach for this 2021 summer swim season. I swam with this club growing up, and began to coach while I was in highschool. I am currently a university student at UBC and I am excited to be back as a coach for my 4th season with the Richmond Kigoos.

I am excited to report that we have now finished our second week back at the Steveston pool. The attendance and dedication to each and every practice throughout these first two weeks has been outstanding. The first week back to swimming we took the season by storm and began with a butterfly technique focused week. This week pushed the swimmer outside of their comfort zone both through fitness and through various new technical practices that improved our collective fly in the span of only a week. BIG CONGRATULATIONS! During the second week we moved into the collective technical focus of freestyle and backstroke spear positions and extension, which we will be continuing for the next week.

At the end of the month of May (and multiple times throughout the months of June and July) we will be doing time trials where times will be taken of the swimmer swimming their choice of 4 events and they will be compared in a google sheet with the rest of the fraser south region’s summer swim clubs. This is simply a way to get the swimmers looking forward and working towards a goal in the pool. As well as, this is a fantastic way to take the “swim meet life” that many of us had in the summers and make it virtual as we have with most things this COVID year. I am excited beyond words to coach this fantastic group and to take them outside of their comfort zone and push them to their highest potentials.

Every few weeks I will be posting a blog post reflecting the goals of the last few weeks and some significant reminders for parents and swimmers.

I hope to see you on the pool deck (swimmers) and I am always a quick email away

Coach Nikol

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