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Posted by Kigoos Swim Club on Jun 04 2021 at 02:41PM PDT

Hello Kigoos’ Family!
We made it past the May and we did it in style. All groups worked really hard, focused on improving their swimming, accept for the master swimmers… they need to pick it up, I’M JOKING OF COURSE.

During the final week of May, every group swam a time trial and I got to say, we have some pretty fast swimmers in the club. Swimmers, keep up the great work, improvements will come and please view your times as a benchmark for future time trials so you can keep track of your progress. Your times will be compared to other Fraser South swimmers to see how you \rank against swimmers in other clubs within our BCSSA region.

What’s going on in June and July?
Going into June Seniors and Intermediates swimmers will be partaking in the Kigoos Swim League. The foundation of this league is going against convention, proving people wrong and saying why not to any challenge. This league is constructed to facilitate a fun competitive environment that combats the obstacles COVID-19 has placed in front of the sporting world. The KSL starts June first and ends July 31st with the Playoffs. So, there is a lot of time to sharpen your racing skills and put your hard hats because we are getting to work. The intermediate coaches and I have assigned our swimmers to teams where they will compete for the KSL cup! The teams are: Cobra Koi, Olympic Orcas, Record Breakers, Power Houses, Team Zero, and the Kiwis (the bird not the fruit). Teams and individual swimmers ought to develop a goal to strive for, because that’s when real progress starts. I wish all the teams the best of luck for the KSL season. Who’s going to be the champs? That is up to you.

Juniors, don’t worry! The Jr coaches have something special planned for you which they will announce shortly.

For the Senior Groups:
Seniors, we did a great job this month reviewing and building on what we learnt in Tsunami. I’m excited to continue working and improving on the progress that has already been made. I love how we support each other in the water during hard sets so I want us to keep that up! Where we all need to be better is bringing the right equipment, like running shoes to dryland and water bottles to practice. In the pool where we can improve on is remembering the little things, like always doing flip turns for free and back, remembering touch turns are knee driven, working on your breakouts by doing more underwater kicks rather than just popping up, finishing on our side or fully extended for the appropriate strokes, and focusing on other technical feedback I have given. Having a higher level of concentration on the little things is what will help you improve the most. I encourage swimmers to ask me to watch them so I can give them the best feedback I can. Keep up the great work guys!

In June we will have 2 time trials.
SRA: June 23rd, and 31st | SRB: June 24th, and 28th

Let’s keep swimming against the current!
Coach Mike


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