Tsunami 2021 - A message from Coach Mike

Posted by Kigoos Swim Club on Jan 23 2021 at 11:43AM PST

Welcome back Kigoos!

The coaching staff and I are super excited to get Tsunami Part 2 started! Seeing all the swimmers with motivated, enthusiastic faces was great after a well-deserved break. I also want to extend a warm welcome to all our new swimmers joining us this season. Tsunami Part2 will build on what we were working on in Part 1 – preparing for the BCSSA summer season! We may not know if there will be a ‘normal’ season but the Kigoos will be ready for it nonetheless. If and hopefully when the ‘flood gates open’ the Kigoos will make a statement that we are ready to get off the blocks again and compete to the best of our abilities despite the challenges the world has faced. Let’s continue to meet these challenges with poise, determination, and passion for our community. I hope that this part of Tsunami offers a distraction again from the COVID-19 pandemic and other issues we might collectively face.

The coaches are ready to guide swimmers through the protocols and routines that worked from Part 1 of Tsunami. Additionally, the coaches will continue to focus on technique and fitness. We will soon begin to start transitioning into speed and race focuses work to spark excitement for the summer season. As time inches closer to the summer, my number one philosophy grows more important for swimmers to follow: If you put 100% in; you’ll get 100% out. Change and hard work only comes if you are adaptable, accountable, and commit 100% to a goal. The coaches are here to help swimmers get to their goals, but it is the swimmer that has to develop a goal to follow. With a goal in mind, swimmers can personalise their practices and come to practice with a purpose.

Let’s keep swimming against the current!
Coach Mike JS