Tsunami 2021 Training Groups

Posted by Kigoos Swim Club on Jan 16 2021 at 01:10PM PST

Please see the UPDATED Group list. We have had a few new swimmers added and have updated a few group assignments. Please ensure you have checked your group and start time for today.

As a reminder, swim times were adjusted from last season. Please ensure you are showing up on time for your practice time. Today’s schedule is as follows:

3:45-5:00pm: Intermediate 1 /Intermediate 2
4:45-5:50pm: Junior 1 / Junior 2
5:45-7:00pm: Senior 2
6:45-8:00pm: Senior 1

3:45-4:50pm: Junior 1/ Junior 2
4:45-6:00pm: Intermediate 1/ Intermediate2
5:45-7:00pm: Senior 1
6:45-8:00pm: Senior 2

We thank you in advance for adhering to our very important health and safety protocols:

  • Swimmers are reminded to complete the BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool before attending EACH practice. It is imperative that if you are feeling unwell to stay home!
  • Swimmers must be dropped off/picked up in the parking lots or drop off zone. Parents must NOT exit their vehicles.
  • Swimmers must maintain proper 2m physical distance (even within family members) at ALL times. This includes during dry land activation, lining up to enter the pool, and walking within Watermania.
  • Each swimmer is required to bring a labelled ziplock bag to keep their mask in. Masks must be worn up until pool entry and again when exiting the pool area, until clear of the building.

Swimmer are reminded to bring their water bottles and individual swimming equipment (kickboards, bouys, etc). Families requesting rental equipment must bring their deposit cheque in an envelope to Coach Mike today.

See you at the pool!

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